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Random from the very best

Some of my most favourite Deviations. :)

Melancholic Art Features

I Walk Alone

"Put all your angels on the edge

Keep all the roses, I’m not dead

I left a thorn under your bed

I’m never gone

Go tell the World I’m still around

I didn’t fly, I’m coming down

You are the wind, the only sound

Whisper to my heart

When hope is torn apart

And no one can save you
Agonys Morning by Catosan
Fallen Angel

"I found you broken on the ground

From your mouth a bitter sound

That became sweeter as I approached

You in your deepest agony

I put you up and raised you well

And more than stories ever tell

I fell in love with you those days

And hoped that you would too

We built up our own world together

For our future I assumed
Prestige by iNeedChemicalX
I b

When all my cards are played

"When all my moves are made, say will you be here?

when all my cards are played, say will you be here?

come take me out tonight, come take me out tonight

and make that I won't be sober when I die.

When all my dreams are dreamt, say will you be here?

when my reprieve is spent, say will you be here?

come stay with me tonight, come stay with me tonight

<strong align="center">
Alternate Ending

"In the darkness

under the stars

with enough warning

to pull off to the side 

in time

In the end

was there anyone 
to share in your joy?

I woke up one day...
and realized
casting shadows by justashadowleft
it was already over.

Underworld by beyondimpression


"When we have all gone

to the silence of eternity
To first be forgotten

and lost 

in the records of the earth

Could I still miss you then, 
in the time and space 

after life

When no one

is searching anymore
66 by mabuli
and where we are nowhere 
Don't Fall Off by LaurentGiguere
"From childhood's hour

I have not been as others were; 

I have not seen as others saw; 

I could not bring my passions 

from a common spring.

From the same source 

I have not taken

My sorrow; 

I could not awaken

My heart to joy

The Ghost of Summer's Past - Feature"There is a comfort 

in longing for

something that’s gone


it shows how much that something meant to you

when it was here

To a person who claims to never having had anything

they can be confronted by

the empty space

where something once was

I could only remember feeling so bad

when the present time was passing by
A Meeting Place and Time - Feature"A meeting Place and Time

Pictured in our minds 

A meeting place and time

Neither of them would show 

A meeting place and time

Neither of them would know... 

'I wouldn't miss it for the world' 

With that having been said 

Could you be careful with your words 

Storytime - Feature
"I am the journey,

I am the destination

I am the home

The tale that reads you

away to taste the night

The elusive high

Follow the madness

Alice, you know, once did

Imaginarium, a dream emporium

Caress the tales

The Storyteller by pinkparis1233

and they will dream you real

A s
Years of Silence - Feature"We stood in the sand, we stared at the stars

What good is any of it now?

These were the moments in our lives

That evoked years of silence

And after all that we had done

We had become ...

We knew the risks

And we were willing to take them

And so we went through with it

And it would forever change us<

Awaiting the Inevitable - Feature"Drawing meaning from the unexpected

A sign that cannot be denied

A portrait of our everlasting expressions

And the distance between us, side by side

Nearing the end of this long discussion

Still struggling for what more to say

A man of words trying to argue his point

With someone, who can afford to walk away

This conflict of interest

Of whether to act and indulge

Or risk waiting for the greater gain
All we have... by Lissuin
That may never come...

I'm always pushing my luck
I Want My Tears Back
"The treetops, the chimneys, the snowbed stories, winter grey

Wildflowers, those meadows of heaven, wind in the wheat

A railroad across waters, the scent of grandfatherly love

Blue bayous, Decembers, moon through a dragonfly's wings

Where is the wonder where's the awe

Where's dear Alice knocking on the door

Where's the trapdoor that takes me there

Where's the real is shattered by a Mad Marsh Hare

Allure Of The Earth - Feature"The sun taunts you

In everything you do

Like a substance that works for everyone else

But has no effect on you

It shines for places you'll never go

It shines for people you'll never know

You believe that in your entire life

You will never feel

What it's like

So you turn away
December in Windsor - Feature"Trying hard to enjoy the night

to make the best of my time

And I would kill to know what it's like

to feel


With each cold sip of life

which helps to numb the pain

Each touch of the glass to my lips

helps ease the strain

It's been so long

Don't Speak - feature"You and me 

we used to be together

Everyday together 


I really feel 

That I'm losing my best friend 

I can't believe 

This could be the end 

It looks as though you're letting go

And if it's real, 

Well I don't want to know

Tales by Leona-Snow
Don't speak 

Bittersweet - Feature"If I tell you 

Will you listen? 

Will you stay? 

Will you be here forever? 

Never go away? 

Never thought things would change

Hold me tight 

Please don't say again

That you have to go

If I had told you

You would have listened
Dove by CindysArt

Letting Go - Feature"Your face that seemed like heaven

From now on is pure hell

The awful truth that held no answers

Ripped me from my revery

The meaning lost, the innocence

That kept me going on my way

My world be shattered by your lips

That summon up the words you say

This is the time of letting go

Both of us will find new ways

Life will continue in its flow
starsky by pivan
But the memories stay"
nature's comfort by beyondimpression
Silver - Feature"Come when you need me

leave me when you need to be free

Come when you want me

leave me when you need me to understand

Did you fall out of love

because you fell in love again?

Did you fall out of love

because you fell in love

with someone new?

When the new love shined with all the promise

Travelling Alone - Feature"When I was questioned, I shook my head and starred

I was traveling alone

and had nothing to declare

I can be thankful to be alive

but I despise this life

in all my years, at best

have only learned just to survive

but when I look around you I understand why you believe

I see your evidence of God, all around me
Modern Life Architecture - Feature"When we're young

we design a plan

we work, we build, we make it real

and in the moment it becomes complete

The first cracks start to appear.

A weak foundation, finally revealed

in the desperation

when the walls came tumbling down.

On the path to recovery

as a sign of the times, with the empires crumbl

Song of Redemption - I"I am not that good anymore

and maybe I never was

But I'll play my heart out for you

one more time

For in my old age

all I can do

is play for you a song

from my youth

So let me share my gift

with you once more,

Just like we ha
Song of Redemption - II"The song of redemption

is all that I am

For in the end the music is all that I have.

And though it feels incomplete

the deadline has come for me

I must present to you, My masterpiece

For time is short in my condition

the song of redemption

Will be the final composition

from this tired musician

Please give me your attention
Embrace Of Darkness by CrazyGirL44
and I will remedy
Fall is coming by Dreamscraps
this silent tension
Drip of Water by whispersoftheblue
And I hope that you will remember,
Nymphalis io by xXBloodBerryJamXx
I hop

Another Day - Feature"As I sit along the shore

Of my wishes

and my dreams

My Pride lies scattered on the floor

with the fading sunlight beams

My thoughts embraced

by nothingness

mindwaves passing by

so slow

I long for your tender caress

As innocent as

Stamps <3

Stamp: FullMoon Addict by Nawamane :thumb368676560: David Gold Tribute Stamp by ValaSedai
Chopper stamp by Okami-Moony Freaked out stamp by Okami-Moony A legend is born by Okami-Moony
Damn... by ElyneNoir Get A Life by Anawielle Old School FTW Stamp by DancingEngie
an apple a day by iLed Silence is Golden Stamp by pixelworlds Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ


Loves Penguins
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I'm in love with photography, but sometimes try out other things like drawing (which i'm not very good at, but i do it for fun.)
I love various types of photography, black/white photography, nature, portraits, still life...
I'm addicted to art (and i'm a computer science student...), i love nature, music (metal, gothic, punk, irish folk, industrial...) and enjoy good comics from time to time (GARFIELD! and Don Rosa is the best illustrator ever :) )
I like food, guinea pigs, cats, penguins... and i love my little brother and my boyfriend (boyfriend sounds so profane -.-)...
And i like steampunk :) and incredible cute little things :heart: and dark/horror/macabre artworks... Yes, i'm a weird mixture :D

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

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